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          Watch the launch video of our brand-new all-in-one
          PDF workflow solution for packaging printers and converters

          Discover Amfortis

          Amfortis packaging workflow
          Packaging & Labels2021-07-29T14:50:41+02:00

          Complete and robust offset printing solutions
          for packaging and label printers

          Offset printing plates

          Offset Printing Plates

          • Thermal digital plates
          • Durable on press
          • Compatible with UV and metallic inks
          • Run lengths up to 1.5 mio copies
          Ctp and processors and clean-out units

          Computer-to-plate Systems

          • Thermal platesetters
          • Processors for heavy-duty requirements
          Amfortis packaging prepress software

          Software Solutions

          • Workflow automation
          • Press standardization
          • Security design & authentication
          pressroom products

          Pressroom Supplies

          • Founts, gums and finishers
          • Plate care products
          • Rollers and blanket washes
          • Correction materials & cleaners


          • Contact, camera and recording films
          • Developers & fixers
          • Replenishers
          • Cleaning solutions
          service and support


          • Educational programs
          • Consultancy
          • Financial support
          Gian Luca Pellegrinelli

          The huge potential of Amfortis immediately became apparent. It has made our production process both faster and more secure, as it allowed us to eliminate intermediate steps. Our operators, who were already used to working with Apogee, feel that the interface is very intuitive.

          Gian Luca Pellegrinelli,
          Production Manager
          Fratelli Roda SA

          Amfortis packaging workflow

          Amfortis PDF workflow solution
          for packaging printers

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