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          Discover SPIR@L

          SPIR@L screening sets a new standard
          in both heatset and coldset printing


          SPIR@L screening
          Discover Arkitex Portal

          The ultimate communication facilitator between
          your content suppliers and your production site(s)

          Arkitex Portal

          Arkitex Portal remote page approval
          Discover PrintSphere

          Cloud-based SaaS solution for standardized
          data exchange and workflow automation.
          Ensures business continuity.


          Discover Arkitex Cloud

          Secure cloud-based SaaS solution to manage
          prepress production on-site or from home

          Arkitex Cloud

          Arkitex Cloud

          Prepress solutions to efficiently manage your daily newspaper production, even in challenging circumstances

          Newspaper printing plates

          Offset Printing Plates

          • Digital violet and thermal plates
          • Process-free, chemistry-free, or conventional
          • Stable and reliable print quality
          • Run lengths up to 1 mio copies
          CtP for newspaper printers

          Computer-to-plate Systems

          • Violet platesetters
          • Processors/clean-out units for chemistry-free and conventional printing plates
          • Advanced automation minimizes operator interventions
          Arkitex software

          Software Solutions

          • Workflow automation
          • Secure cloud services, manageable from anywhere
          • Color management & ink saving
          • Press standardization
          pressroom products

          Pressroom Supplies

          • Fountain solutions
          • Gums & finishers
          • Plate care products
          • Rollers & blanket washes
          • Correction materials & cleaners


          • Contact, camera and recording films
          • Developers
          • Fixers
          • Replenishers
          • Cleaning solutions
          service and support


          • Educational programs
          • Consultancy
          • Financial support
          Agfa ECO3

          More value for your entire business
          “Newspaper printing companies are always looking for ways to reduce their production costs, in addition to new sources of revenue. They invest in solutions that reduce costs and minimize their impact on the environment, in addition to seeking efficiency gains.”

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          Andreas Kunzemann - Media Group Main-Post

          “Thanks to our decision to purchase Attiro ZH, we have again reduced our water and energy costs nearly to 60% while improving process stability.” ? Read more

          Andreas Kunzemann,
          Member of the management

          Arkitex Cloud

          Arkitex Cloud enables publishers
          to meet deadlines and save costs

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