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          Discover Asanti

          Dedicated workflow automation for large-format inkjet printing

          • Production Dashboard - Refine your planning
          • Automatic ganging of jobs - Minimize waste
          • Added packaging functionality - Manage cut files with ease
          • Automate Task Processor - Increase flexibility

          Asanti v5

          Asanti prepress workflow for signage
          Agfa at FESPA 2021

          Discover the business-boosting inkjet solutions we presented at FESPA

          New beginnings.
          New opportunities.

          Agfa at FESPA 2021
          Sign & Display2021-09-30T18:10:02+02:00

          Integrated inkjet solutions that enable sign & display companies to create stunning prints.
          Extreme productivity and quality guaranteed!

          Large-format Printers

          • Print width 1.6 m to 3.3 m
          • Print speed up to 600 m2/h
          • UV LED-curing: economical & ecological
          • Thin Ink LayerTM technology inside
          • For a wide variety of applications – from posters over POP/POS to signs
          Large format software solutions

          Software Solutions

          • Complete workflow automation
          • Color management
          • Specialist functionalities: nesting, tiling, see-through effect….
          • Data exchange
          • Web-to-print
          Printing inks


          • UV LED-curable, solvent and eco-solvent
          • Indoor as well as outdoor
          • For Agfa and third-party printers
          proofing media


          • Durable, reliable and productive synthetic paper media
          • For print applications that require indoor or outdoor durability
          service and support


          • Educational programs
          • Consultancy
          • Financial support
          inkjet printing productivity

          7 reasons to go EXTREME

          inkjet applications with
          extreme stopping power


          “We are very happy with the service Agfa provides. We have been partners for many years and the quality and speed of their service has always been impeccable.” Read more

          Dominique Robert
          Créavi (Comines, France)

          Agfa Avinci printing on fabrics

          New soft signage printer
          Avinci CX3200

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