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          Discover Altamira

          UV inks for industrial piezo printheads
          both for single-pass and for multi-pass printing


          Altamira inks
          Discover Alussa

          Push the boundaries of leather decoration and
          create unique and stunning prints in any quantity


          Alussa leather decoration
          Discover Altamira Design PID

          UV ink set for industrial piezo printheads
          Optimized for printed interior decoration

          Altamira Design PID

          Altamira ink for interior decoration
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          Agfa CEO Pascal Juéry shares his view on the industrial
          inkjet printing markets and on Agfa’s activities in that field

          Higher efficiency, lower costs

          Industrial Printing2021-09-30T16:10:00+02:00

          High-performance inkjet inks & fluids for various industrial printing systems and applications,
          enabling manufacturers to integrate print into their existing production processes.

          OEM Inks

          In direct relationship with system integrators, we develop high-performance UV and water-based industrial inkjet inks, for use in state-of-the-art, and often custom-made OEM printing equipment.

          UV inks for industrial printing

          UV Inks

          We are the specialists in UV ink for industrial piezo printheads – both for single-pass and multi-pass printing.

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          water-based inks for manufacturing

          Water-based inks

          In close cooperation with printer system integrators, we develop water-based inkjet inks for a wide range of applications.

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          Printing Solutions

          Agfa is a total solutions provider
          for specific industrial printing


          A revolutionary leather decoration solution that relies on UV inkjet technology to create unique and stunning prints in any quantity.

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          Water-based inkjet printing system to create customized printed interior decorations, including laminate floors and furniture

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          Your partner to integrate print in manufacturing

          We have all the experience needed to integrate printing into any given manufacturing process. We design, develop, and manufacture inkjet inks and fluids in direct cooperation with system integrators. Read more


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          Partnering with Unilin on laminate flooring

          How we make our inkjet inks

          Agfa is the only ink partner that offers knowledge and expertise in all possible aspects of UV ink development and manufacturing. Take a peek behind the scenes. Read more


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          In-house ink development and manufacturing



          More value
          for your entire business


          Save up to 50% on waste, 30% on ink, 25% on paper and 90% on water. Watch Eddy save costs thanks to our ECO3 program.

          News about
          inkjet products

          Inkjet news

          A new brochure for our full portfolio of large-format printers is available. Our UV LED inkjet inks obtained GREENGUARD Gold certification.

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